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Kingsley Medical Supplies - your trusted provider of pharmaceutical and health products in Brunei Darussalm

About Us


Kingsley Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Brunei Darussalam since 2014

(Company Registration No: RC/0009986).


We are the leading pharmaceutical distributor for pharmaceutical products and health supplements in Brunei Darussalam.

Our Business Activities

We have expanded our business into Singapore and Malaysia in both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We are hoping to serve you soon.  

Our Promises


Delivering excellent customer service

Our excellent customer service is something we are always proud of. Our team work around the clock sourcing the precise pharmaceutical items all over the world to suit our client’s need. We work with reputable pharmaceutical suppliers in the UK, EU,USA, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.


Exploring innovation medicine and cost saving options for our customer

We understand the dynamics of the pharmaceutical industry and so we always explore the most economical options and we are expert in recommending high quality bio-equivalent generic medicine registered by MHRA and FDA.


Delivering high standard of pharmaceutical products for our customers

Patient safety is our priority. Our experienced pharmacists are dedicated to carefully select and deliver the highest quality pharmaceutical products for our clients. Our qualified storage and logistic team are capable of handling cold-chained pharmaceutical items.

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